Aren't you ready for them to be obsessed?

Write your awesome label here.

Let's be honest. If you are...

  • Taking time away from our kids 
  • Selling your friends and family on why this idea is different
  • Spending thousands on funnels, certifications, tools, strategies
  • Getting off work to start working on our "business"
  • Convincing yourself you have something people want
  • Then it must be for...

    • The countries you want to show your kids
    • The TED talk only you can give
    • The title you want to give yourself
    • The business you want to come home to
    • The answer you'll give when they ask,  "what do you do?"

    It took me a long time to accept this.

    It is not enough for me to be good at what I do.

    Results are great to have, but if I couldn't own them in a way that didn't feel salesy--no one would buy.

    I tried getting a coach, buying courses, and reading books. The tactics never seemed to match the stories of the successful people I admired.

    I kept looking, trying stuff, quitting, starting over.

    Eventually, I started getting results I was proud of.
    I sold without consults.
    I landed a job as a cohost on a podcast with tons of followers.
    I started coaching in groups before I filled my 1:1.

    I was breaking rules, taking names, finding my people, and having fun.

    When I looked back, the only thing that shifted is that I allowed myself to be obsessed.

    All along, people were matching my frequency.

    So that's what I want to offer you--the life and business you want is only found in your obsession.
    Don't hesitate

    It's time.
    This is the experience you've been waiting for.

    Inside our 4-Month Experience

    6 Week Immersion

    Engage the Offer ObsessionTM Process  experience live with other revolutionaries. Interact with the concepts for deeper learning and instant feedback.

    3 Core Frameworks

    Take the guessing game out of it when it comes to structuring your offer. When you know the 3 essential decisions, it becomes super clear what's critical and more importantly, whats not.

    Offer BibleTM

    Craft the reference guide that becomes the living authority when making strategic decisions. This document also serves as a resource for your future hires to quickly and easily understand your vision and mission.

    Offer PlayTM

     Deep Dive into Human Design with your personal Human Design Reading PDF and chart. Learn how your type, profile, strategy and more support your offer.

    Sales Sabbatical

    Enjoy this game-changer of a program feature. It may not sound like it at first, but you will be surprised by the power and impact of consciously choosing not to "sell" for a season.

    Live Coaching + Strategy

    This is not a self-paced course but a curated experience. The coaching will support your creativity and concernsr, and the strategies will account for more than what your audience "needs".


    I was tempted to call this a mastermind, because "community" feels a little too light. The facts are you will not be alone. This is space is for all of us to be refined by our own work. This happens through holding space for others.

    Content + copy review

    Wanna know my favorite way to catalyze you? I'll just tell you. 
    It's to call out your voice in your copy. It's to yell back what I can literally feel you trying to hide in your words. I'm good at it, and it will  make you even better than you can imagine.

    My experience was more like...

    I was tired of being told to choose between having a mission or making money in my business.

    It seemed like the only metric of success that mattered was money.
    I had sales, but they were never enough to make it on anybody's "star client".

    What I did was spend a lot of time trying to get the money and solve my obvious sales issue.

    Spoiler: I knew how to accept payment.

    What I needed what to talk about something I cared about.

    No one told me that the people who want to buy from me don't actually care about how much money I made.
    This confirmed a deep truth... "Obsession is created before the money shows up."

    The value is cultivated before anyone else sees it.

    What I know now is if you're not getting a response - that's not a sales problem.
    It's an obsession problem.
    And trust, money follows obsession.
    Patrick Jones - Course author

    I will ask a lot of you.

    This is not your typical marketing class where I let you go round and round with fill-in-the-blank templates and scripts.

    I won't be coaching you to think new thoughts.

    I'll be listening for your sound.

    I just don't believe you need to become some new.
    You are more than enough.

    So we won't spend our time adding glitter and glitz to a pre-set script and callin' you fancy.

    Our work is about stripping away. We take off the neat and nice. We remove the practiced and proper.

    The impact you want demands that you be more than a one-hit wonder.

    Your message needs to land over and over again.

    That my friend, only happens when you are authentic--all-in-on-all-that is you.

    (And no, you should not already have figured this out.)
    The Question: 
    Describe something that surprised you about working with Taylor.
     It's  your ability to bring expansiveness to concepts, but then deliver it concisely. I've often received and heard you taking a very complex reflection from someone and then you say "What I'm hearing is"..... and you deliver this profoundly accurate yet concise reflection in 1 sentence.
    Holly maree
    You have an ability to hear beyond and beneath what a person says or describe and reflect back what they mean to communicate.
    Tavona Denise
    I was structuring my marketing and my business in a way that was absolutely at odds with who I am and what I offer best to my clients. It gets to be very different now as I remember that what clients get from me is gentle intuition to allow them to create a beautiful success (however they define success) in their later years. That felt good to write. Thank you for your superb coaching.

    What's Included?

    Here's how we'll spend our time and what you get.

    Offer Obsessioin TM Course

    You have access to the course modules for the life of the program.

    6 Weeks Live Teaching 

    You'll be able to ask and apply in our interactive sessions.

    Offer BibleTM Template

    Get the infrastructure you need to make decisions that move you forward.

    Offer PlayTM - HD for Biz ed.

    3 week post-program immersion into human design for you and your offer

    Bi-Weekly Coaching + Strategy for 4 months

    It's not over just because the program ends. We then have another 8 weeks of  time and space to apply the material in community.

    Community Content + Copy Review

    Now that we  know what you really want to be known for, submit your copy and messaging for feedback

    Our Guarantee

    If you show up, complete the work, and don't find that it was valuable to you at all - we give you a full refund available for up to 30 days after the completion of the program.
    Doors close Aug 31.

    You've tried everything else.
    Let's do this.


    Who is this NOT for?

    You will not get the most out of this experience if you are feeling panicked around making money. This course will not teach quick tips to make money tomorrow. Also, I will be teaching how to think in a way that changes the way you experience business. This is bigger than a quick tip for filling how your bio or completing a sales page. 

    Is this a mastermind? A group? A course?

    Its an experience. Over the course of 4 months, you will experience aspects of eveyrthing above. Often times, its easy to tell you the participant how to act. I choose to craft atmospheres that are conducive to the desired results. This means sometimes it will be heavy teaching. While other times, there will be space for coaching and reflection. 

    I'm in _______________'s program that teaches marketing, business, sales, etc. How is this different?

    This is not about the business you have or want. This is about the offer you will make and the ownership you make it with. I'm sure that there will be some overlap because I am not oblivious to basic business objectives, but those are not the point of this program. The point is that you would show up in your life and business in a way that no longer needs you to master someone else's 3 step process.

    How familiar do I need to be with Human Design?

    You can have very little to no previous experience to Human Design. I will teach what you need to know so that it is useful - we will also provide resources so that you can leverage your design with your offer.

    Are there perks to being a founding member?

    Yes, the level of access and personalized attention is always different in a first round offer. This program is no different. I am very invested in learning from this group, and as such will be very hands on. My vision is to scale this to a multi-million dollar program. Obviously, that will not include the same level of access. Only you know when it's time, but I can assure you, there will not be another time like this.

    Will there be replays?

    Yes, replays of the group calls will be available for this cohort only within the weekly modules. 

    How long will I have access to the course?

    You will have lifetime access to the teaching modules and materials.  Any replays that share client details will be removed at the end of the program.

    When will the live calls be held?

    We have a number time slots for the live calls. During your onboarding you will choose a few time slots that work for you so that we can assign time slots while maintaining small group sizes. 

    Are there payment plans?

    Yes, you can either pay in full or pay over 3 payments.

    Do I have to take a Sales Sabbatical?

    The Sales Sabbatical is highly recommended and my coaching will come with the assumption that you are taking a Sales Sabbatical to honor the space to cultivate obsession. The principle is that you be sold on your offer first.

    Also, being on a Sales Sabbatical does not mean that you aren't making money or that you have to turn clients away. It means that you are resting from the pressure to create an offer that is validated by sales before it is validated by you & your obsession.

    Will you open enrollment again?

    I believe so, but I am not sure what that will include. The end game is a primarily self-paced program. I am choosing to offer it live so I can ensure students get exactly what they need. Each enrollment, I will be looking to strip down and leave only what's essential. I say that to say, don't bet on this being offered as-is again.

    What is Taylor's Human Design?

    I am a 1/3 Emotional Manifestor.  RAX of Service 1. This program is a 6/2 Emotional MG with LAX of Individualism 1.

    What if I don't have a business yet?

    One of the things I will teach in the program is that offers are made all the time. Some include money. The principles I teach could be applied to any area of your life. I choose to use the context of business in this program. If you choose to join without a business, just know that the examples and conversations will assume that you are invested in creating an offer for a business.

    Will there be homework?

    Yes. We have worksheets and exercises for you to practice being in obsession, creating value, and crafting an offer that you love.

    Will this help me launch?

    Yes and no. You can't have a successful launch without an offer. So yes.  But no, because I will not be teaching launch strategy.
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