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1/3 Emotional Manifestor

I started playing with Human Design because I was pissed at the usual approach to personal growth.

Yes, I could change my mind and make myself do anything. But I couldn't pretend that it wasn't self-neglect.
It made me angry just thinking about it.

Human Design offered so much language for the internal resistance I felt. I was finally able to see what I always knew was different about me. I could explain what I wanted and better evaluate the strategies that would actually support me.
I felt safe.
I felt like I could be me.
Now, I offer the same to others.
Because I want us to all stop apologizing for who we are, and just go get what we really want.
Patrick Jones - Course author

This kind of play will change everything...

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Learning this way showed me how to take what works for me and drop the rest. I was able to drop the drama and change my life and business.
Claudia Sidoli | Projector
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