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Offer Obsession +
Human Design Immersion

Get the understanding you need to create an offer you love!

inside the program...

during our sessions...

  • 3 (45min)Sessions
  • Practical Applications to experiment with your design
  • Enhanced Human Design Chart and Bodygraph
  • Replay of Sessions
  • Resources + Worksheets

Details Covered:

  • Mechanics of Human Design
  • Type
  • Strategy
  • Authority
  • Profile
  • Definition
  • Centers
  • Key Channels
  • Key Gates

* For personal use only.
This is not a business reading.

The Experience

Weekly interactive sessions where  we dive deep into your design. Layer by layer leaving you with prompts to explore in between. Your discoveries between sessions initiate deeper learning. This work catalyzes deep self-discovery.

By the time we're done, you'll understand why you experience life the way you do, and what to do about it.

It's time to make the money you doing work you love!

a few clients have shared

The way Taylor explained my design to me is unlike any other reading or interpretation I have had done. She connected it to my clients and business. More people need this.
Knowing how to make money is great, but the frameworks are showing me how to OWN my offer. That is everything especially combined with being coached from the seat of my design.
Meet your catalyst


1/3 Emotional Manifestor

I started playing with Human Design because I was pissed at the usual approach to personal growth.

Yes, I could change my mind and make myself do anything. But I couldn't pretend that it wasn't self-neglect. It made me angry.

Human Design offered so much language for the internal resistance I felt. I was finally able to see what I always knew was different about me.
Patrick Jones - Course author
I could explain what I wanted and better evaluate the strategies that would actually support me.
I felt safe.
I felt like I could be me.
Now, I offer the same to others.
Because I want us to all stop apologizing for who we are, and just go get what we really want.

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Master Your Design + Create an Offer You Love

This kind of play will change everything...

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Learning this way showed me how to take what works for me and drop the rest. I was able to drop the drama and change my life and business.
Claudia Sidoli | Projector
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