Create Stand out Messaging Even in Saturated Markets

Messaging that captures WHAT and WHO really matters to YOU!

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More Content . More Strategy. More Sales Tactics. 

How much more can you take on?


Let's be honest. More research has shown what more you can do. The problem will all these strategies and solutions is they assume you have a clear message. And if you did-- you wouldn't need them.


After weeks of posting consistently, writing emails, trying to plan out your content, because it seems if you were more organized--then people would be signing up. But they aren't , and it's exhausting to wonder when you say it - if it is the way they need to hear it?


Ultimately, if you are anything like I was, after struggling with the first two-- number 3 is for Nap! I checked out of social, emails. I just stopped recording my podcast. When I returned, the compelling message I had before never seem to land the same again. So i started over--again. Feels frustrating to be stuck.
the bottom line is...

I had an "I help" statement that didn't help me!

Over and over--coaches would interrogate ask me all the questions about how I help, who I help, why I help. It was fine, but it never made me feel like I could own it.

Once I learned that who I am is who I've always been - it was a GAME CHANGER. I realized that what I do is not new to me and that I could use a tool to help see and express what that is.

I wasn't trying to fit in. I was able to own and share who I am. My message got stronger. I secured new opportunities and clients. I stood out amongst my peers.

I want that for you.
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Let's get down to it

Here's The Plan


Discover Your UNIQUENESS

Human Design is an amazing tool and language to begin to discover how what you thought were your flaws are not flaws at all. They are features of your unique design. Discover your difference and finally capture why people pay to work with you!

You know how to share your work with the world. You won't feel like you are babbling on as their eyes glaze over.


Develop Your Method for tapping into Your VOICE

Not only is your design unique, but it includes a process that is unique to you that helps you tap into your voice. You can learn from other coaches and consultants without losing the identity of your own message and how you share that.

Content creation and marketing becomes easier.


Delivery Your Message

Leveraging Human Design as a tool isn't about learning what everything means in your chart. It's about experimenting with it! In this unique container - you will experience what is like to be heard and hear back how your message lands energetically. You will get live feedback.

You can know where your messaging as alignment and where it does not.


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